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Sunday 8 March 2015

Swine Flu – Problems and Precautions

In the recent times the problem of Swine Flu is rapidly increasing, endangering the health of thousands of people worldwide. The flu that originated in many parts of the United States now have travelled across the world through various carriers and as a result now the Asian countries are also increasingly becoming victims of this disease. The virus of this flu is highly infectious and that is why the victims of this flu need proper treatment and follow some precautions so that H1N1 virus doesn’t spread. Latest victim presently is India. In different parts of India huge population is now affected by swine flu and the number is increasing.

So far the number of victims in India for Swine flu crossed 1300 mark in 2015.

Symptoms which signals Swine Flu
• High fever
• Excessive cough with no reason
• Body pain
• Chill
• Headache
• Tiredness
• Cold and cough
• Twisting of muscle
• Throat sore
• Running nose with continuous sneezing
• Loss of Appetite
• Breathing Problem
• Vomiting with Diarrhea 

Treatments Plus precautions for the patients of Swine Flu
·       For swine flu  in mild stage  sufficient amount of rest is mandatory
·       Consume sufficient volume of water on daily basis as this will help the patient recover fast
·       If the condition is harsh then in that case immediately consult your doctor and go for antiviral       medication
·       Stay away from people who are victim of his flue as this will spread the problem
·       Sneezing spread droplets on different areas of the home and items. Make sure to clean                 those areas and items properly to stay safe
·       Take medicine only after consulting your medical practitioner
·       Keep your mouth and nose covered while sneezing and coughing
·       Make use of hand Sanitizer
·       Make use of mask while going out and specially when meeting people infected by swine flue
·       Keep your toilet clean
·       Avoid public toilets
·       Maintain your personal hygiene
·       Keep your floor clean using Surface sanitizer
·       Say No to over the counter medicine
·       Take coffee and tea as much as possible to keep the throat and stomach free from swine flu       virus
·       Clean your face, nose, hand and throat with Luke warm water

Better to keep a watch on each other and make tests as soon as any kind of symptoms arise. By continuous supervision one can battle and win this disease in no time.

Take care and stay safe

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Revel In The Light Of Knowledge And Learning By Choosing The Best Books

book review

Books are considered to be the best friends of man as they not only help in enhancing the knowledge of readers but also give them company when none other is available. Different people love to read different kinds of books that generate a sense of curiosity and interest in them.

However, given the fact that there are countless books of every genre and interest available in the market, people often find it difficult to choose the one that would really satisfy their intellectual hunger. This is when websites offering unbiased and frank book reviews can prove extremely helpful.

Most often the book reviews offered by popular websites are conducted by people who are simply avid readers of a particular genre of books. This ensures that the visitors gain the information about a specific book from just another fellow reader.

Although there are websites that employ professional reviewers or even critics to perform the task, they tend to offer a more professional outlook about the book in question. They do not provide a common readers view about the story line, presentation of characters and the ability of the book to retain a reader’s interest.

Reading the review of a book on a renowned website offering such service, before actually purchasing the manuscript can help readers save valuable time and money. They not only get an idea of what the book is all about but also the difficultly level of the language and the skill of the author in presenting a plot to the readers.

Many times readers buy books simply because their friends or acquaintances find it interesting, without actually considering the fact that their choice in books might differ considerably. However, the book reviews help the readers to decide whether or not they actually want to buy the book based on their personal preference and liking.