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Saturday 29 January 2022

Gora- Season 1 – Released on Hoichoi

                                          Gora- Season 1 – Released on Hoichoi

Web series- Gora
Cast- Ritwik Chakraborty, Ishaa Saha, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Payel De, Ananya Sen, Abhijit Guha, Rohit Samanta
Directed by- Sayantan Ghoshal
Genre- Detective Thriller
Released on- 7th January 2022


For Web series lovers who watch Hoichoi for them, Gora is perfect to impress them. The Bengali Web Series is based on a detective thriller and released on 7th January 2022.

The story plot starts with the sudden death of a young lady writer, Supriya. She met with three renowned publishers to publish her story, failing which she died of a road accident. She informed something to her brother while taking her last breath. But unfortunately, her brother got lunatic.
Surprisingly, the other two renowned writers, known to Supriya, were killed in the same manner. Here the audience will notice the arrival of Gora Sen, the detective of this story. While investigating, Gora Sen asked police to protect the third writer from getting murdered.
It was the first part of the web series. Critics have already acclaimed the excellence in acting of Ritwik as Gora. He has portrayed the character of Gora, an absent-minded detective, brilliantly. The mystery will get solved in the conclusive episode.  

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