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Book spotlight- They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty

Book spotlight- They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty

Published by Notion Press
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Product description
A young widow of a drug overdose victim disappears from Goa. Three years later, a British National claims to know her whereabouts minutes before departing for London Heathrow. The Police of two states is pressed into a joint manhunt. 'They Go to Sleep' is a racy thriller on police procedure and criminal psychology.
In the year 2043, when nobody sends a letter anymore, an unlikely candidate decides to write about his springtime memories that are soon going to be erased. When his identity gets revealed, the impact on several individuals and the society at large assumes epic proportions. 'A Man of Letters' is a science fiction with humane emotions at its core.
A promising poet meets his muse on board a train. They share a captivating conversation but forget to ask each other's name. Will they be able to meet again in an Indian metro? 'What's In a Name?' is a humorous look at everything Bengali: gossip, fish, cutlets and the Kolkata Book Fair.
These three stories are joined by nine equally exhilarating tales of ordinary people and the choices that they make under extraordinary circumstances. The compilation will surely compel the readers to keep their midnight lamps burning.

Author Bio
Brought up in the Calcutta of 1980s, Saugata was bitten by the storytelling bug quite early. Narratives by a retired Royal Air Force pilot took him through places that today's kids watch on Nat Geo. From exchanging letters to his school friends from Siliguri to editing their in-house magazines at University College of Arts and Commerce, University of Calcutta and the 2005 batch of RBI Probationers, his bond with creative writing has only strengthened in the past three decades. A traveller, conversationist, photography enthusiast, and a career central banker, Saugata prefers to be called a storyteller.


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Thursday, 20 September 2018

HarperCollins India to launch Shweta Bachchan-Nanda’s debut novel,Paradise Towers

HarperCollins India
to launch Shweta Bachchan-Nanda’s debut novel,Paradise Towers, on 10th October 2018
HarperCollins India is delighted to announce that Shweta Bachchan-Nanda’sdebut, Paradise Towers,will release on 10th October 2018, with a book launch event in Mumbai. A heart-warming slice-of-lifenovel set in an apartment building in Mumbai, Paradise Towers, is a riveting read brimming with the drama and intrigue of everyday lives. The book is now available for pre-order on major online retail sites.

About Paradise Towers:
Dinesh opens the door to the Kapoor flat to find Lata, the enchantress who works at Mrs Aly Khan’s, carrying a hot case with freshly made gaajar ka halwa. On the first floor, the inquisitive Mrs Mody wipes the dust off her precious binoculars to spy on the building’s security guard. The Singhs open the doors of their SUV, their four boys creating a ruckus – they are the newcomers, the outsiders. Through the peephole, the ever-watchful Mrs Ranganekar observes their arrival. Welcome to Paradise Towers, an apartment building in central Mumbai. Everyone here has a story to tell. Or maybe they have stories to hide.
          Shweta Bachchan-Nanda’s quirky, intimate debut explores the intertwined lives in this building – a forbidden romance, an elopement, the undercurrents of tension in corridor interactions and an explosive Diwali celebration. Shweta Bachchan-Nanda’s is a dazzling voice that will draw you into the intoxicating, crazy world that is Paradise Towers.
Speaking about how she came to write Paradise Towers, Shweta Bachchan-Nandasaid, ‘I grew up with my grandfather who was a poet and a writer. Writing and reading was always a very important part of our lives. I’ve been writing a diary ever since I was a little girl, and wrote stories that I nevershared with anyone. Then, one day I just said, I am going to take this plunge. I started writing a column for a newspaper in Mumbai and it gave me a lot of confidence to go ahead and do this full time, and that’s where Paradise Towers comes from.’
Karan Johar, renowned filmmaker, further added,Observant, moving, hilarious and exceptionally astute...Paradise Towers is no slice of's an entire loaf. Shweta “builds” her debut novel with the ease of a literary veteran. Go find your Paradise between these pages!’
Shreya Punj, Assistant Editor, HarperCollins India, who acquired the book, said, I fell in love with the story when I first read it. Now, Paradise Towers is ready to meet its readers, and I cannot wait for people to fall in love with this quirky, intimate world Shweta has created. We’re proud to be publishing her debut – it’s fresh, insightful and a story that will resonate with everyone.
About the author:Shweta Bachchan-Nanda is a columnist for DNA and Vogue. A well-known personality, she is the daughter of actors Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan. Shweta is married to Nikhil Nanda and is the mother of two children. She has her own clothing label, MxS, which launched in 2018. She lives in New Delhi. This is her first novel.
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Imprint: HarperCollins India      Price: Rs 250

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Book Spotlight- Let You Be My Puppet Once

Book Spotlight- Let You Be My Puppet Once 

by Preetika Mehra

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Losing their faith in the System, a group of MNC-employed youngsters decide to take revenge on some politicians and businessmen after having suffered at their hands. Their master plan also exposes the connections of the powerful with the rich, of the mafia with politicians and of those who exploited the poor. All this leads to a war. A war that had never happened.
The Chief of Intelligence had never dealt with such brilliant people who were entangling him in multiple versions of events. After a while, he is unable to differentiate between the real and planted evidence. The clock is ticking. The media is on adrenaline.
The Chief is faced with several questions. How did it all happen? Will he be able to solve the case? Can he get the accused politicians acquitted? Should he find an escape for himself amidst the turmoil?
It's time he found the answers!

About the author

Preetika is a 1990-born, Economics Graduate from the University of Delhi. She completed her MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi in 2016 and is currently working with an MNC in Chennai, India.

Since her childhood, she has been passionate about social structures, economic policies and philosophy, analyzing and finding connections in all of them. In her free time, she loves reading and learning about Zodiac signs, practicing yoga, and cooking.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Essence of Raksha Bandhan, Sister – A Special Blessing Of God You Should Cherish For Life

Your Sister – A Special Blessing Of God You Should Cherish For Life

Having a sister is a great blessing and she affects the life of a brother in more ways than one. The unique bond that brothers and sisters share is not only full of passionate love and care for each other but also moments of bitterness and hatred. Yet, if you have a sister, you know that God has favored you with great blessings due to the following reasons.

·         She is You Best Friend For Life: Your sister is definitely your best friend and no matter how old you grow or how far away you live, she will always be there for you in your hour of need. She is the first person you interact with apart from your friends and has been there and seen it all, so she knows you the best, which makes her a perfect friend.

·         She Will Stand By You: If there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is that no matter what, your sister will always stand by you. Whether it is during your arguments with your parents or your fall out with friends, she will always be by your side trying to assure you and comfort you.

·         You Will Always Feel Needed By Her: Eve if she does not say so often, your sister relies on you much more than you know. She looks up to you for advice and shares her biggest pleasers and secrets with you. You will never feel alone or unwanted until you have a sister to connect with.

·         She Adds Fun And Color To Your Life: Your sister was the first person who made you laugh with her stupid antics and cry with her emotional blunders. She has not only taught you to be more sensitive and caring but also be tough when the times demand it. In short, she adds beauty and color to your life.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer Holidays- Summer means holiday, so have you planned yet?

Summer means holiday, so have you planned yet?

With the scorching sun raising the level of mercury day by day, everyone is dreaming of kicking off the heat with a refreshing holiday. There are many popular places well known among tourists and finding the best world travel destination is not at all tough these days. Internet has made it possible to find the place you want to spend your holiday. Out of the important travel destinations India, places in north India are always cherished as summer holiday destinations. Each year a lot of tourists from all across the globe come and spend the hot sunny days in north India.

Most of the north India travel destinations are easily reachable from train, flights and cars. To make the stay comfortable there are hotels suiting all the budget type and depending upon the facilities required by the guests there are all the best facilities available. Well known travel destinations around the world are packed during the tourist season so it is always good to book yourself in advance. The overflow of tourists can soar up the rates of the hotels, but if you get yourself booked in advance, world best travel destinations can be easily enjoyed without much of hassle.
Most of the travel lovers plan their holidays in advance and it is for sure a good decision. Travel not only gives you a relaxed mind but it also gives your soul a dip of refreshment. It liberates your soul and gives you a lot of happiness. Out of the travel destinations around the world there are many north India travel destinations which are internationally acclaimed and are considered as world best travel destinations. To enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air, it is the best time to hit Indian hill stations during summer holidays. It is a great escape from hot and sunny days plus it rejuvenates you from head to toe.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Entertainment -Why feel bored, when Entertainment News is there

Entertainment industry is the fastest growing industry and it caters all the sections of society. We all love to keep our self refreshed with the Entertainment News because it not only gives us information about the latest buzz of the tinsel world but also gives us insight of the glitz and glitter. 

Traditional way of keeping our self updated with the Entertainment News was waiting for the news paper pullouts in the weekends, but with the advancement in media, internet has given us the opportunity to keep us updated with Latest Entertainment News. Entertainment in Café gives us the perks of getting all the amazing and spicy inside stories of the entertainment industry.

These days there are many websites where you can enjoy reading the Latest Entertainment News. There are reviews of latest movies, book reviews, interviews of authors, film and television celebrity interviews, fashion show insights and stories about the personal lives of the celebrities. Most of the people these days are interested in knowing the life of their favourite celebrities. People want to know what their favourite on screen characters do in real lives. What kind of life they live when not shooting or their romantic hook ups and break ups. The hot and steamy life stories of the celebrities entertain them a lot and if a website caters Latest Entertainment News and if they find it in a single website, it becomes a hot favourite one.

 Entertainment in Café presents everything that a reader expects. Entertainment these days is not at all restricted to films and television; you can spend hours with sneak peak to the entertainment industry through the Entertainment News. If keeping yourself updated ever gives you pleasure, you must be following the entertainment websites because it is the ultimate fun and great way to pass your time, plus it keeps you well informed!

Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment- Sizzling celebrity gossip to keep your eyes popped out

Sizzling celebrity gossip to keep your eyes popped out

When it comes to entertainment news, nothing can beat the celebrity’s gossip. 

People are always curious about the real stories of their favorite celebrities. To know about the dinner dates of the hot shot actresses, or break-up stories of actors or which actress replaced the other in a film or even the backgrounds of the celebrities, people are always looking into the websites with celebrities gossip. For knowing more about the celebrities’ people follow the Bollywood news today. 

Bollywood is one such place which has made many dreams come true for actors coming from various backgrounds. In our country people worship actors and they are curious about Indian Movies news.

Information related to bollywood is easily accessible on the websites dealing with celebrities gossip. And these websites have all the essential Indian Movies news. People who love to peep into the entertainment industry are always keeping an eye on the Latest Bollywood News
These news articles are full of the steamy news related to the glamour world. If you want to know the reviews of a film, stories related to the making of films or interviews of the film stars, these news websites dealing with bollywood news are the ultimate source. You can know all about the gorgeous actresses, whom they are friends with, who is their rival, who is snatching films from them and even the romantic stories of their love or infatuations. Nothing can stay away from the eyes of Bollywood news today.

The entertaining stories of Bollywood celebrities will be not so amazing if we don’t consider Bollywood news Hindi. With the vast readership of people who enjoy reading gossip in the mother tongue, Bollywood news Hindi is indeed a great option. So know more about the Bollywood stories and soak in the gossip stories of Bollywood.