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Wednesday 15 September 2021

Book Reader VS Book Reviewer


In my journey as a book lover I came across this debating topic many times. I personally need to answer many readers and even authors about my view on the topic Book Reader VS  Book Reviewer. So here are my takes on this topic.



1. Book reader is the one who loves reading books and enjoys the moments while spending time with favorite books. Reader enjoys the contents and might have a favorite list of authors whose books he/she love to read. The only concern for them is personal enjoyment and improving taste of literature through books.


2. Book Reviewer is also a book lover and reader but with a touch of specialization. A reviewer not only enjoys reading books but also prefers readings across various genres.  Proper analysis of the book is done various parameters from title to cover page, from plot to character building, from writing style to climax building. In short reviewer makes SWOT analysis of the book and presents the book to the audience for making the smart buy. Reviewer acts as an influencer to market the book with their reviews. They mention the pros and cons. Reviewer even highlight who can be the targeted audience for the same and also help author to reach them. Well, it can be very well said that they help authors deliver better in next assignment and helps readers choose the best book of their taste and preference.


The job of a Book Reviewer is under the belt job which is critical but didn’t get the due recognition.


So what’s your take on this?  Don’t forget to share 

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