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Saturday 4 September 2021

The Little Booktique Hub to launch, “Confession”, an initiative by Rohit Bhatia



The Little Booktique Hub is delighted to announce that, “Confession, will be released on 10th of September, 2021.

The Little Booktique Hub have launched the free anthology titled as Confession” where not a single writer have been charged a single penny to get published. This is an initiative by Rohit Bhatia, who is the owner as well as founder of The Little Booktique Hub and The Writer’s Abode Publication (an affliate of The Little Booktique Hub).


Our mental health has a significant impact on our overall happiness. As a result, it stands to reason that mental health, like physical health, requires attention and maintenance. Finding a feeling of community is one approach to keep things going. Our mental health has an impact on how we deal with stress, interact with others, and make decisions. Individuals' mental health has an impact on how they view themselves, their life, and people in their lives.

“Confession” consists of several co-authors from all over the globe who have dedicated their inked verses as a poem, quote, micro tale or a short story which revolves around the theme of “Mental Health Issues”. We are hoping for the great success of this book, a free anthology launched by Writer’s Abode Publication in which none of the co-Authors are charged of a single penny throughout the publishing process.


The contributing authors of the books are:

1.     A.Deepti Cellina

2.     Akash Halder

3.     Aman sharma

4.     Anokhi Rajiv Shah

5.     Archita Kumar

6.     Arpita Saxena

7.     Ayesha Rahaman

8.     Divya Venkateswaran

9.     Dr. Laxmikant Bhalerao

10.  Febha Ann Abraham

11.  Haider Nulwala

12.  Heena Johar

13.  Hitanshi Lalan

14.  Inbharaj Devendran

15.  J Ajai Milton

16.  Jyoti Thapa

17.  Khushi Shah

18.  Lalremhriati

19.  Lavanya Soni

20.  Manoshi Bose

21.  Mital Chauhan

22.  Moumita Bhattacharjee

23.  Musharrat Shakil

24.  Neeraj Isolated


26.  Noor Tabassum

27.  Priya Das

28.  Rajani Nair

29.  Rakshana Vasudev

30.  Madhu Mitha Ravi Shankar

31.  Ricky (Compiler)

32.  Sahithi Jalapathi

33.  Sakshi Kapoor

34.  Samima Mondal

35.  Sayan Singh

36.  Shipra Thakur

37.  Shobhana Kumar

38.  Shweta Mahani

39.  Simra Ishtiyaq Lone

40.  Sourishree Ghosh

41.  Srija Sadhukhan

42.  Sufiya Zaheer Ahmed

43.  Sulagna Sarkar

44.  Tanisha Singhal

45.  Tapur Arora

46.  Teena Awana

47.  Vaishnavi Saxena


49.  Vipul Sharma

50.  Vishnu sharma

“Confession” is be launched over for pre-orders and it will be soon released over and Hubooktique Website as a paperback. The ebook will be launched over the following platforms: Google Play, Google Books and Amazon Kindle.

You can pre-order your copy by the link below: 

If you are a writer and looking for an opportunity, Hubooktique is the place for you. One of the India’s largest publication house in terms of anthologies. For participating in free anthologies, you can visit our Instagram page @hubooktique.anthologies.

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