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Friday 6 August 2021

The Little Booktique Hub to launch Ananya Jhunjhunwala’s debut novel, “You Feel, You Heal”




The Little Booktique Hub is delighted to announce that Ananya Jhunjhunwala’s debut, “You Feel, You Heal”, will be released by the end of August.




The Little Booktique Hub have organised a 21 days writing challenge known as “Write-O-Wizard” where the contestants have to write a story/poetry for the next 21 days and all the poems and stories written over the time interval of 21 days will be published as their own dream novella. The sole motive of the challenge was to bring out the spontaneity within the writers and to give an opportunity to those in the field of literature who always come up with quality content but lack the investment to publish their own debut novella.



The first debut novella titled “You Feel, You Heal” under the writing challenge is inked by the author, “Ananya Jhunjhunwala”. “You feel, you heal” is a very vulnerable book of poems as well as prose which portrays all kinds of emotions that teenagers or we individuals in general, go through. It describes all these feelings in a beautiful yet in a very honest way. From the excitement of a new found love to the pain of a heart break, from feeling isolated in a crowded room to finding solace in the company of the right people, from family turning into friends to friends turning into family and the list goes on. The book is a testament of how experiencing these different states of mind just makes us more human, and is a small part of what life has to offer. It also expresses a journey from feeling sad, hopeless, betrayed and frustrated to ultimately understanding that after all this, there is something good, in the form of happiness, peace and that every pain gradually heals, but also not forgetting to enjoy the tiny little things which make life more beautiful than it already is.


Ananya Jhunjhunwala was born in 2005 in Mumbai, India. She likes to write poetries, songs and prose. She likes to express her thoughts, feelings and views in the form of words and music. She likes to take inspiration from many things around her. Also, from the very exciting night life she grew up watching in Mumbai and from classical music through Bharatanatyam which she started learning when she was seven. She has always loved biology and is now pursuing science.


Music and books keep her entertained. She appreciates the beauty of nature and likes to stare at the bright blue skies or the dark moonlit nights, which can always lift her mood up. She believes she is still en route to finding herself and likes to do everything that makes her happy.


“You feel, you heal” will be soon launched over as well as Hubooktique Website as a paperback and the ebook will be launched over the following platforms: Google Play, Google Books and Amazon Kindle.


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