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Friday 13 August 2021

The Little Booktique Hub to launch India’s 2nd Art Anthology titled as, “A Nest of Masterpieces”, an initiative by Rohit Bhatia




The Little Booktique Hub is delighted to announce that India’s second art anthology, “A Nest of Masterpieces”, will be released by the end of August.


The Little Booktique Hub have launched the art anthology titled as A Nest of Masterpieces” where budding artists from the globe got the opportunity to show case their artistic skills on the theme “Human and the Environment. This is an initiative by Rohit Bhatia, who is the owner as well as founder of The Little Booktique Hub and The Writer’s Abode Publication (an affliate of The Little Booktique Hub).


Do you know what a masterpiece is?

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." 

  - John Ruskin

"A Nest of Masterpiece" is India's 2nd art anthology where 22 artists from the globe have contributed their artwork on the theme, "Humans and the environment". With every passing day, we can witness how humankind is destroying Mother Nature with intended purpose. Global warming has hit us badly which resulted in the melting of glaciers and at the same time, we are running out of the natural resources. The problems do not end here, the extinction of species, the loss of biodiversity affecting land and water bodies, the sudden change in the climate and the nature being squeezed out of breath.

Over the book, you will find different shades and scenes of how humans have affected environment or how there is some positive relation left between the two. Every artist have put their heart out in contributing their best artwork towards the theme using different medium of colours. "A Nest of Masterpieces" is a book, that will make you fall love with creations of the artists in their best artistic way and will also make you aware of the present relations of human and nature.

The contributing artists of the book are:

1. Promita Dey


2. Ruchika Yadav 


3. Akansha Kashyap 


4. Vaishnavi Kesarwani 


5. Gurpreet Soni 


6. Prachi Kumawat 


7. Sushmitha As 


8. Akshika Sharma 


9. Shalini Dubey 


10. Pari Singhal 


11. Vinayak Gupta 


12.  Anam Siddiqui 


13.  G Siri 


14. Sindhujha Arunprasath 


15. Pinaki Biswas 


16. Priyal Parikh 


17. Sairul Behnam 


18. Tanishka Sikarwar 


19. Rushikesh Jadhav 


20. Khushi Mittal 


21. Arju Gahane 


22. Aditya Thakur 



“A Nest of Masterpieces” will be soon released over and Hubooktique Website as a paperback. The ebook will be launched over the following platforms: Google Play, Google Books and Amazon Kindle.


If you are an artist and looking for an opportunity, Hubooktique is the place for you. One of the India’s largest publication house in terms of anthologies. For participating in art anthologies, you can visit our Instagram page @hubooktique.anthologies.


India’s 1st Art anthology titled as “Hearts in the Wonderland” was also launched by The Little Booktique Hub itself. The book remained over Top #2 Rank for continuous period of 15 days. You can grab the book from by clicking on the link below:


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