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Wednesday 11 August 2021

The Little Booktique Hub to launch, “Krishna and Draupadi: The Unending Boon”, an initiative by Rohit Bhatia







The Little Booktique Hub is delighted to announce that, “Krishna and Draupadi: The Unending Boon”, will be released by the mid of August.


The Little Booktique Hub have launched the free anthology titled as Krishna and Draupadi: The Unending Boon” where not a single writer have been charged a single penny to get published. This is an initiative by Rohit Bhatia, who is the owner as well as founder of The Little Booktique Hub and The Writer’s Abode Publication (an affliate of The Little Booktique Hub).

Among the many relationships that one reads about and sees in the Mahabharata, the one between Lord Krishna and Draupadi is a beautiful and awe-inspiring one. It is said that Krishna and Draupadi shared an iconic relationship. Krishna called Draupadi, Sakhi and she called him, Sakha. Basically, the 'sakhya' or friendship/relationship the duo shared was of deep understanding of each other's commitments, joys, travails in life. They connected almost telepathically.

The theme of the book revolves around the bond of relationships- the relation of a brother and sister, the relation of two friends, the relation of life partners, the relation between an offspring and a mother, the relation which cannot be defined. The title of the book is kept as “Krishna and Draupadi: The Unending Boon” to illustrate that every bond is pure and unique irrespective of the relation between them. The book consists of 32 splendid writers from the globe who have contributed pieces of microtales and short poetry, narrating tales of bond and relations.



The contributing authors of the books are:

1. Mital Chauhan

2. Haider Nulwala

3. Sneha N Shastri

4. Devangi Chandra

5. Dhanya Devi

6. Sayanee Mukherjee

7. Vaishnavi Anand

8. Biswajit Majumder

9. Shipra Thakur

10. Uttara Desai

11. Sakshee Mishra

12. Nikshaan Bhesania

13. Sulagna Sarkar

14. Barsharani Mahapatra

15. Sanjeet Sathe

16. Partha Muntashir

17. Parthiv Rhythm Das

18. Aman Sharma

19. Radhika K Bhatia

20. Shelly Arya

21. Kishmala Ahmed

22. Kamakshi Venugopal

23. Saswati Vaniprava

24. Chandana Mahato

25. Vijay Kumar Verma

26. Anushka Malviya

27. Kumari Kanchan

28. Mohanapriya. K

29. Smitha Sunkara

30. Kairavi Vairale

31. Rajani Nair

32. Divya Venkateswaran


“Krishna and Draupadi: The Unending Boon” is be launched over for pre-orders and it will be soon released over and Hubooktique Website as a paperback. The ebook will be launched over the following platforms: Google Play, Google Books and Amazon Kindle.


You can pre-order your copy by the link below:


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