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Saturday 14 August 2021

Top 5 awardees honored by The Little Booktique Hub in the span of one year since the day of establishment


The Little Booktique Hub is delighted to announce that out of 60 awardees who registered themselves for the Hubooktique Eminence Award-2021, only 5 awardees were selected and awarded by the hub.


Hubooktique Eminence Awards-2021 is an initiative as well as recognition for the individuals who have worked in the paths of eminence with pure dedication, hardwork and strong - will without stopping by the setbacks, hurdles and barriers that came throughout the accomplishment journey.





The categories over the Hubooktique Eminence Awards-2021 were The Real Heroes Award, TLBH Iconic Creator Award, Fledgling Writer Award, Rising Star Award, Best Rhymer Award, Most Inspiring writer Award, Most electrifying writer Award and The Day dreamer Award.



The five awardees who have been awarded are:

1) Ishani Bhattacharya

(Category: Fledging Writer Award-2021)


2) Mini Balakrishnan

(Category: Rising Star Award-2021)


3) Meena Sri Chandana

(Category: Most Inspiring Writer Award-2021)

4) Uttara Desai

(Category: Fledging Writer Award-2021)

5) Khushi Agrawal

(Category: Most Inspiring Writer-2021)


The awardees were awarded with a premium trophy, a well framed certificate of achievement, a well framed certificate of appreciation, a customized diary with name of the awardee inked over it, a premium quality cotton customized T-Shirt, a premium quality parker pen along with two Hubooktique notebooks, everything wrapped with bubble wrap and packed in Hubooktique’s Wrapping Paper within a solid box.


All the top five awardees will be given an opportunity to pen down a book altogether which will be published by Hubooktique and the awardees won’t be asked for a single penny. Though the marketing expenses will be taken care by them itself.


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Note: If you feel you are deserve to be awarded with Hubooktique Eminence Award-2021, get yourself registered today by clicking on the link below:



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